About the Prepare For Change Website

This website is for everyone on Earth, but especially for the light workers of the world to use. We hope this effort will help all aspects of the world’s political and societal infrastructure during the coming changes.

The membership of this group is confident that the information we are receiving from our intuition, insiders within the world’s police forces, the benevolent Extra Terrestrials and the higher dimensional spiritual leaders of our world/galaxy are correct. This information indicates a worldwide conspiracy of corruption and greed that must end. This information indicates imminent drastic measures that will insure permanent change and healing for all life streams on our beleaguered jewel floating in space.

Long lasting change will come from within the hearts and minds of individuals, but most people will need assistance to come this realizaton. Change on a worldwide scale is not only possible but is taking place daily in peoples lives all around the planet. We who know, we who are awake and aware must lead the way.

The end of the world’s current political system is not a fantasy, it is a divine directive instilled within our hearts and minds. Our collective spiritual will and firm resolve towards liberation is manifesting daily. Spiritual forces beyond the conception of most people aid us, while divine plans are implemented that will bear fruit in the near future. No dates are known and none will be given for this miracle of love. The hand of almighty god will insure this victory of light upon our world.

We have the power within us to bring peace to this world. Know that you have this power within your soul and that you must use it. Do not despair, do not give up hope, do not give in to hate, to fear, to apathy. PREPARE FOR CHANGE TO BE THE CHANGE!

We hope you will commit yourself to action in service to light love and truth.